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A heat packing, top-shelf drinking, non-committal box licking mother fucker that is constantly looking to conquer the hottest bitches. On occasion, he’s known to hunt and take down cougars and pumas as well.
While slamming down Patron like water, Joey witnessed his khunt Jason successfully tracking and taking down a top heavy cougar.
#bad ass #puma #cougar #gun #men
Por BigFatKhunt 09 de julio de 2009
A way to write "cunt" and still get past the language filters.
Don't be such a khunt.
#cunt #kunt #khunt #filter #language
Por Lerri 13 de octubre de 2007
another form of cunt; used in situations where "cunt" may not be acceptable
Mom-"Why did you break up with your girlfriend son?"
Son-"She was being a little K-hunt."
#cunt #k hunt #khunt #kay hunt #cunt punt
Por liz's bitch 11 de junio de 2008
An unfortunate person with this name is often subjected to loud shouts of his name in an offensive manner
Ad : Oi! come over here you K HUNT!!

Dave : Your such a K HUNT!!

Craig : Cheeky K HUNT!!

K Hunt : Yeah whatever
#cunt #twat #stinky #kunt #pink taco
Por ExcellCRW 07 de junio de 2011
Female Genetalia

more disgusting than eating your mothers khunt!

see Ghett
#ghett #genetalia #female #rude #nicknames
Por Kevin Hume 06 de febrero de 2008
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