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blandly pious and naively optimistic
At the risk of sounding too kumbaya, I felt as if I had finally come home.
#koombaya #pollyanna #hardboiled #cynical #frey
Por Timla 19 de febrero de 2007
The Kumbaya Law: In any conversation where some of the participants hold an opinion to the left of other participants, someone with the more conservative position will compare said person's opinion to the naivete of "singing around a campfire singing Kumbaya"
"Since you are such a Liberal, what would you have us say to those 'peace-loving Palestinians' after three wars in six years? 'Oh, I know that you want to push us all into the sea, but let's sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya instead.'"
#kumbaya #kumbayah #kumbaeya #koombaya #komebaya #kombayah #kumbaya law #campfire songs
Por GSD1951 18 de noviembre de 2012
to relax or chill
Like seriously, she needed to kumbaya or something.
#kumbaiyah #chill #relax #annoying #koombaiyah
Por JadaJewel 22 de marzo de 2015
Exclamation, used as alternative to "Oh My God" First used my the character Eek in the cartoon series "Eek the Cat"
"Kumbaya! Those are huge!"
#ohmygod #oh-my-god #freaking heck! #holy moly #holy shit
Por John4o 02 de julio de 2007
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