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a type of person that if given the chance, will beat your ass. contrary to popular belief, he also enjoys playing with his asshole in the shower.
"what happened to him?"
"he met a kyle."
Por nevermind123 12 de marzo de 2009
29 79
kyle man whos homosexuality overrides his masculinity, therefore making him vunerable to men, also associates his self with Chuck Norris.
"I was in the mall the other day and saw a Kylecarrying a purse and holding hands with a dude"
"I bet that will hold one in his mouth until the swelling goes down"
Por GravelysLucy 05 de febrero de 2009
67 118
Word to describe a confident action. Can be used while playing any sports. Usually said right before the action takes place or during the action. Always said in one sylable. One can only use this term when they know for a fact they will come through.
Pat: Dude I'll kill you in a 3-point contest!

Kyle: Hut!, yeah right you can't make shit!

Pat: (In the motion of shooting ball) KYLE!!
(shoots and scores)

Pat: Whats up now pussy? Thats the power of KYLE!
Por WestHillzH1 02 de febrero de 2008
48 102
one caught in between the hard knock life of being a thug and an emo. He Doesn't only cut himself he will cut you too!
Jake: Did you see that Kyle walk by!?

Nash: Yeah, I thought we were going to get cut for sure, But he's looking a little depressed so I think we're safe.
Por minear 16 de abril de 2008
84 140
A hicky given on the neck commonly more then once.
Omg Chelsea has a kyle.
Por samsamsamadfdsfa 27 de febrero de 2008
102 178
when one man sticks his penis in another mans asshole.
they kyled all night long.
Por kyle grant 14 de junio de 2008
220 299
to duck/prone in call of duty 4 so that someone can jump on top of you and glitch (has to be old school game mode)
Dylan, come Kyle for me, i think i found a glitch!
Por xmarcusrad 28 de febrero de 2008
38 119