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when a smile has an orgasm.
the group broke out into laughter when they orgasmed?
Por jkdtown2 18 de diciembre de 2005
Medicine for the soul
"I have bowel cancer"
Laughter fills the hospital
Por Balfdor 09 de diciembre de 2006
Something induced by the little lol demons within the body.
Yo this girl named Vanessa Romano knows how to cause laughter!
Por IndianGangstaaaaa 10 de diciembre de 2008
having a good time with a lot of laughing involved.
q: how was last night?
a: laughters...
Por juldron 24 de agosto de 2005
1.the process of laughing; also see giggle and laugh.
The laughter grew as jimmy was pantsed
Por ken 07 de mayo de 2003