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Used to convey sarcastic laughter.
<Gl3n> I am leik teh king
<Tokartta> Oban
<Gedd0n> lorn
Por chris t. gaunt 16 de agosto de 2003
33 14
Similar to 'lol' but sarcastic and degrading.

Derived from an OAP who made rubbish keyboard music, called Edward lorn.
<rare> I soiled myself!
<CeefBeef> lorn
Por Glen J. Pearce 13 de agosto de 2003
11 5
An exclamation made when something is funny. Also a town in Scotland.
HAHAHAEAHAH!!! OMG LORN :|:|:|:| ROFL !!!!!!!11oneone
Por adam j. sontag 24 de junio de 2003
9 7
Internet slang, meaning Laughing at ridiculous noobs. Use is similair to lol, but used in different situations.
<noob> z0mfg u h4xx0red!!1!
<player> lorn
Por Ronald C. Mongler 13 de febrero de 2007
3 9