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SexY BiaCH
Oh Ur LoVeLy....
Por TrOuBle SomE sOiLdEr 30 de septiembre de 2003
a big running penis in a forest of fat guys.
wow look at that hairy Lovëly over there!
Por your momooom 19 de agosto de 2011
A word men use in place of the word whore or slut
Will you be my lovely?
Por Angel_of_the_Night 04 de agosto de 2012
A tobacco cigarette rolled with rock cocaine.
Hey we had to smoke a lovely last night because we had no weed.
Por Peteyboy310 28 de enero de 2011
the quality of having a large penis
why, that's just lovely
Por bigtombo 24 de junio de 2011
a new micronation, made by Danny Wallace(or King Danny I, as he likes to be called nowadays), as part of a BBC programme called How To Start Your Own Country.
Lovely has currently over 50,000 citizens,or Lovelians.
Isnt Lovely lovely?
I King Danny the First, am King of Lovely!
People in Lovely dont like French People
I am the Lovely rapist
Everyone in Lovely should listen to The Libertines 'Up The Bracket'
Por i-am-the-lovely-libs-boy 11 de marzo de 2006
A hoe that tricks and sucks off for money.
Yo pimp, you want some dat lovely? Make you come quik.
Por Crazyass Pimp 10 de julio de 2008