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a state of delerium and para-consciousness; beyond censsiant recognition of one's own self
Mr. Shree, you keep insisting that I spit on these women and defecated in their general direction, but I was so lurched out, I don't even remember it.
Por L.ets U.se R.aunchy C.unt H.ookerz 12 de noviembre de 2002
huge male person (Addams Family)
You big lurch looking muther fucker
Por Big Bob 09 de abril de 2002
1-Slang name used by African American youths in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to describe a black mail with long hair that acts heterosexual however is suspected of being a queen.

2-Typically Lurch is a "Big talking" ladies man that no one ever sees with a woman.
I could totally see Lurch smoking someone's pole.
Por EL_Coyote 06 de abril de 2010
a massive person- really tall and lanky
stopp hoggin the boards, just cuz ur a lurch.
Por belly 26 de febrero de 2005
Lurch is a term popular in Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. It is a special move achieved when the player is controling the nose tackle and goes under the center and dives, this reluts in a sack or a loss of yards 90% of the time when used correctly.
Hey you fucker, quit lurching my ass!

You just lurched my QB!

Im gonna lurch your bitch ass

Por slave and digz 02 de diciembre de 2004
A tall, gangly, timid male who in generally inept at accomplishing any task with grace or elegance. Very rarely socially presentable but usually entertains with his awkwardness.
Did you see Lurch eat shit right in front of those girls at the party?

Ya that's some straight up Lurchin' shit!
Por moransickle 04 de octubre de 2012
to unintentionally accelerate an object or one's self causing major wreckage to the object or self
The S4 just decided to lurch toward a curb/tree and now it's completely totaled
Por Thrilla from Manila 23 de enero de 2008
The physical motion whereby it is attempted by an individual, usually labouring under excessive intoxication, to forcefully lock lips with an unsuspecting female. The gesture is usually initiated from a considerable distance so as to take the victim by surprise.
Andrew: 'Dude did you see David lurch all those girls at the ball on Friday?'
Jack: 'Yeah I felt so sorry for them - heaps were crying after it'
Por JTrain101 11 de agosto de 2012