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Being "marinated" with too much alcohol, and therefore somewhat incompacitated.
Man, Brenton the swan got so marinated last night, he pissed in his own shoe!
Por Ben 05 de abril de 2005
to be intoxicated; drunk; twisted; and or schwasted. Describing the result of drinking too much.
person 1: yo dude lets drink this weekend

person 2: im so down man, i wanna get stupid marinated
#llama drunk #marnated #twisted #drunk #alcohol
Por monte queso 15 de diciembre de 2011
the stage of being intoxicated, that comes before being drunk. First, you're tipsy, then marinated before being drunk.
I've been drinking all day with Leanne, she's drunk and I'm only pleasantly marinated.
#tipsy #drunk #pissed #intoxicated #plastered
Por cwp1980 22 de mayo de 2011
Not sexual. When someone sits down with their significant other and share moments of fleeting affection either vocally or musically. Serenading.
Lisa, have you ever been marinated?
#marinated #funny #music #vocally #serenade
Por frenchsmoothie 31 de mayo de 2010

marinating-in the process of getting drunk or could also mean chillin just marinating at the homies pad

D-marination-getting all the brewdoggs out of your system
ex....damn im marinated
#marination #marinate #merinate #montana #missouri
Por marcelp 31 de julio de 2006
dissed, schooled, burned, et cetera
Ayo yo boy just got marinated!
#dissed #schooled #burned #dis #school
Por Ciaran from NYC 19 de abril de 2006
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