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adj. Urban shorthand for incredible.
Mazing ride dude!

That steel be mazing! Word! That a 38?
Por gnostic1 11 de noviembre de 2010

Words related to mazing

Something that is more amazing than amazing
OMG that is soooo M-azing!!!!!
Por Jasmine Odell 24 de abril de 2008
Verb; To maze, after being in attendance at an event or celebration in a drunken fashion.
Trevor was mazing all the way home after the party.
Por Notamage & Drelleum inc. 05 de marzo de 2012
M-azing is not amazing, yet the opposite. It means to be bored and unsurprised at the actions or your friends. A sarcastic amazing if you will.
You can walk and talk...That's M-azing
Por Sarah Bear Lynn Marie Dupree 10 de julio de 2008