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1. A horrible, horrible person who can do nothing positive for anyone, has the uglyiest breasts, and smells like weed constantly. 2. A fuck-up 3. Someone whose basement totally rules.
Man, that Mease sure sucks ass, let's never hang out with him ever. Unless it's in his basement.
Por g. mease 26 de noviembre de 2010
a really beautiful girl, has rockin hips, a great smile, an all around great person, kinda quite, loves to laugh, and likes to party
Man, that girl that girl, Abby is a mease.
Por JustAnotherMan 06 de noviembre de 2009
the plural of moose
The mease were in the meadow.
Por EinsteinTheMan 21 de abril de 2009
meskwaki indian word for poop,do-do,cow-pies,shit.
I have too take a wiked mease!!!
Por Grant blackcloud 29 de agosto de 2008