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German word for 'mine' or for 'my'. This nondistinguishment between ‘mine’ and ‘my’ auf Deutsch is why you will see sterotyped German-Rushan folk in TV shows speeking with such phrases as "mine dog", "mine schnauzer", "mein {et cetera}".
Dass ist mein!! Giveit bäk!!!
Por Victor Van Styn 26 de julio de 2005
Means "mine", or "my"
would you like to have some of mein mountain dew ?
Por Archer282 03 de julio de 2005
Latin for 'person.'
How you doin', mein.
Por diatrevolo 07 de noviembre de 2003
mexican word meaning "man"
ey...you got big cajones mein
Por 2muchofapimp 07 de enero de 2004
A term used between preteen/teenage boys to express their feelings of boredness and when used it shows that one boy wants the other boy to find him something to do.
Kid 1: mein...
Kid 2: *some video link* XD so funny...
Por Andy94 08 de mayo de 2007