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An overly large girl
Boy, isn't Janvier a mountain
Por General_Truffles 10 de marzo de 2003
144 81
The breasts that are usually big
Hey, you with the big mountains!
Por Liam 19 de marzo de 2005
49 21
The same as a peak/boid etc. It's an insult to make someone upset and you can't comeback to it. Usually used when someone has done something stupid like fallen over.
Lewis: "Haha you fell over that is Mountain for you"
Por Anzio24 28 de noviembre de 2011
25 5
a large amount
He had a mountain of work after school.
Por The Return of Light Joker 18 de junio de 2009
20 9
A person who is particularly bootylicious. Usually a Mexican male who strangely enough lives in Pinole, CA. He is a rare breed.
"Dayum, girl. Look at that guy's ass. It's the biggest mountain I can see!"
Por fayf 18 de octubre de 2008
18 12
upstate NY prisons (where numerous NY prisons are, away from the city)
I was away up in the mountains for 11 years and my commissary was always right.
Por OntheHumble 14 de marzo de 2008
17 12
Pimples or acne on a person, normally the nose
wow, you have some disgusting mountains

<throws up>
Por anonymous 18 de junio de 2006
5 41