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A simple phrase to say in an awkward situation.
Your sitting in a car with someone else in it and it is silent..

..all of a sudden you let out a fart..

You say: Narb..
Por GuessWho 16 de agosto de 2004
6 40
Slang meaning cannabis (Cann-narb-is)Used exclusively in an enclave of Southern England, known as HA-Fizzaaw.
I is headin' down the Cavendish Park to find some Narb. U get mi?? Scene.
Por The Diminuator 18 de enero de 2005
6 44
one who typically is not very smart, and drinks and smokes pot every weekend
hey look at that narb, his life is going nowhere.
Por aaa 29 de marzo de 2004
7 45
to be raped, to have a sex act forced upon you
That girl was narbed last nite
Por Drew 07 de febrero de 2003
5 51
to complete a task
i narbed my breakfeast
Por ben 07 de febrero de 2003
3 53
the epitome of a loser, a typical narb is an intellectually inferior, sexually challenged individual that does not partake in bathing.
that narb is stupid, gay, and he smells like a horse.
Por dub 26 de marzo de 2004
17 105