a word used to ruin peoples lives.
Do you love me?

Can I go with my friends?
#no #maybe #of course not #heck no #never
Por kowshe 12 de julio de 2008
What one would exclaim if their megahurtz had been stoeled.
h4x0r5 0n teh yu0r pC?
Por Mulciber 23 de julio de 2003
Noes - (noze)

Commonly used in the phrase, "Oh Noes".

That said, it is a variation of the term, "Oh no", exclaiming that the specific situation is not good and/or unwanted.

"Noes" can also be used interchangeably with the word no.

In Short, "Noes" means "No".

Just an online term.
Oh Noes, I just got killed!

Noes! Noes! Not True! I Don't Believe it!
#noob #noobs #noobz #noobzorz #ihatejoot.t
Por :D:D 01 de enero de 2006
The opposite of yes. Meaning to disagree with something.
Person1: "Do you want a piece of pie?"
Person2: "No".
#nah #ner #uh huh #err na #na
Por Lyk. 02 de octubre de 2005
No means no, bitch. Don't make me say it again.
"Can I rape you?" "No."
"Is it alright if I touch your breasts?" "No."
"Would you mind if I stuck my hand down your pants?" "No. Actually, yes."
#no #rape #sex #means #negative #bitch #santa claus
Por Anonymous citizen 28 de febrero de 2008
Stands for 'No Offense". Mainly used in texts or online but increasingly being used in conversations.

Heard it here first from ZODIAC
"N.O but you look stupid"
"Your rubbish at that, N.O"
#no #offense #n #o #n.o
Por B247E 07 de agosto de 2009
A word that eventually means yes and makes rape sexy
Ten no's and one yes always means yes!
#rape #sex #james #bond #pimping
Por WW2014WW 07 de agosto de 2014
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