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A rope used to hang yourself with.
AC/DC lyrics: "Let loose, from the noose."
Por Liz Owen 04 de mayo de 2006
201 54
someone who makes you feel like you want to commit suicide every time they speak, conjuring the image of them being the noose tied around your head as you are about to hang yourself
wow jacob is being such a noose today
Por darsenbrindel 25 de enero de 2011
20 34
Noose; cigarette, tab, bine. Noose coming from the hangmans noose used to hang people till they are dead. A slow death
"Knock me a noose will you" Lend me a cigarette
Por Paul forster 10 de julio de 2008
18 36
The anatomical arsehole located between your bum cheeks.
Doctor: "please sir, kindly slacken that noose before I attempt to remove that mobile phone".
Por Luke Walton 21 de enero de 2008
29 50