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Newbie, someone who is new to the nessage board or an online community.
shut the fuck up you fucking nwb
Por Amit S 11 de mayo de 2006
NWB = noobs with boobs.
"Those chicks are NWB."
Por NWB 26 de abril de 2009
an acronym for Nozz, weed, and beer commonly used for parties.
Kevin: So are we going for N.W.B tonight or what?
Por Kevin93 20 de agosto de 2011
NWB aka North West Bradenton, home to many pot smoking teens, uptight richies living in the suburbs, located right near the Manatee River in Bradenton, Fl.
random dude: Dude did you hear about that party up in the NWB ?
random dude's friend: Yeahh man, we definitely got to hit that later!

Por Merry911 07 de enero de 2008