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abbr. obviously
You are obv going to give me a dollar.
Por Cds 17 de noviembre de 2003
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Short for 'obviously.'
"The band last night was friggin' tigs, obvs."
Por Peabs 28 de octubre de 2003
abb. for " Obviously. "
Guy: God DAMN Jessica Alba is fucking hot.
Guy2: obv.
Por Lopes~ 30 de julio de 2006
Abbr. Obviously or obvious
You are a gay faggot. obv.
Por Cds 18 de febrero de 2003
shortened version of the word obviously for the lazy people who refuse to say the whole thing
"Hey are you going to the homecoming dance tomorrow?"

"Uhm. obvs!"

Por lakjdslmncxipei 13 de octubre de 2011
Now a popular expression in the online poker world, "obv" (abbreviation from obviously) is often said after a losing hand; usually accompanied by a bad beat.
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Nubly123: shows Qh Jd (a flush, Jack high)
Pokerpro233: shows Ac As (a pair, Aces)
Nubly123 collected 10140 from pot
Pokerpro233 said, "obv"
Por Cds 18 de octubre de 2006
Means the same as "Obviously".
I'm obv gna gt mashup later
Por An RB 26 de febrero de 2006

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