they are for squares
paying bills is for pants!
Por al 17 de noviembre de 2004
to p.; the act of pulling down another person's pants, us. sweatpants, in a public arena, for the purpose of public humiliation; pants, pantsed, pantsing
Liztiz pantsed Elyse in the common room during the Sox game, and she was mortified.
Por Liztiz 28 de octubre de 2004
something that's big
Nathan: I have big pants.
Stephen: Hahahahahaha.
Por TheRoamingSpider1 12 de septiembre de 2004
latest fashion trend
have you heard of pants? they are awesome!
Por coca 14 de enero de 2004
An interchangeable word, meaning just about anything depending on the context.
You got tickets? Yes! That's so PANTS!

Did you see that skank he's dating? She's completely pants.
Por Liz 20 de noviembre de 2003
1.something you shit in when you're little
2.spend your teens trying not to wear for sexual purposes
3.spend your middle age using them to hold everything in
4.spend your old age being wet
Por pesimist 22 de agosto de 2003
awesome, cool, sweet.
man, that missy elliott show was pants.
Por norma jean baker 14 de mayo de 2008

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