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To insult, to knock, to slather with insults. In common usage, at least in Australia.
I just got paid out by this fat cunt and I was pissed as shit bro.

Why would you pay out Transformers 2?
Por Mozric 28 de junio de 2009
41 3
"Pay Out" is a term commonly used in nightclubs and bars that a patron and/or server uses to indicate that it's time for payment.

This is not to be confused with the term pay up, but it is similar to settle up and tab out.
Hey Bill, I'm gonna pay out after I have one more beer.
Por Giskard 10 de agosto de 2004
80 64
The money a prostitute has to pay her pimp each night. Mentioned in 'Whoop That Trick' by D'Jay.
Nigga, i ain't even made pay out yet.
Por God of Technology 10 de agosto de 2007
12 10
Cash; earnings.
I took his payout.
Por CnClear 15 de enero de 2011
4 3
to make fun of someone, at times using their own posts/replies in a chat room and/or message board against them
Draccs: I am so fat
Faun: Dude shut up you fucking solar anus
Nyarl: haha fucking payed out:as
Por heh 24 de marzo de 2003
31 113
To insult, dis' or burn someone.
I waz paying him out about spewing from just one drink.
Por Diego 20 de septiembre de 2003
370 2060