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Marshmallow candies in the shape of rabbits and baby chickens. Usually served around Easter. Also short for "people".
I'm audi this sunday to chill with some peeps.
Por anonymous 19 de febrero de 2003
2183 758
short for people

friends, close pals
my peeps.
Por Aaron W. 10 de enero de 2003
1733 535
to look at; to listen to
"hey yo, peep this porn"
"jiggaboo, peep this story"
Por christhea 08 de agosto de 2004
616 213
Short for person or people.
How many peeps will be there?
Por Grinningwide 30 de junio de 2003
611 226
Slang for friends
Marshmallow candy
I saw you and your peeps walking the streets.
I got a box of peeps for my peeps to eat.
Por SALLYSEAL 24 de octubre de 2006
359 232
Marshmellow treat from the heavens made by God himself.
I wanted to eat an entire peep, but I couldn't stop my multiple orgasms after one small bite.
Por doodleness 30 de mayo de 2005
332 214
1) n. The delicious marshmallow candies created originally in bunny or duck form. They are bright colors and sugar coated for ultimate taste.

2) n. The slang term for "friends" or "people". It is usually used by the ignorant who choose to partake in a language known as ebonics.
1) I got Marty a whole package of Peeps for easter!

2) Stupid person with no respect for the english language: "Yo I'm gonna chill wit mah peeps."

Intelligent person: (laughs) "You are going to hang out with marshmallow candies? What a loser."
Por Sarah429 31 de julio de 2005
826 768