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The guy at the party or club that tries to pick-up every woman in the place. He is usually drunk, smells, and has bad breathe.
Look-out girl, that pest is coming over here!!
Por Dru 14 de enero de 2005
A group of diehard fans of the Opie and Anthony radio show on XM Satellite Radio. They are also known as "The O&A Army," but nicknamed "Pests" by Opie and Anthony for their persistence and fervor to promote O&A and relentlessly annoy O&A's rivals and detractors. They are a dedicated group of fans who will go to great lengths to promote Opie and Anthony, often spending considerable amounts of time and money to do so. They will often "attack" targets Opie and Anthony deem as "Fuckos" or "Enemies of the Show," which often include rival radio personalities who badmouth O&A.

The Pests' methods of "attack" are many and varied, ranging from showing up at live events for other radio personalities to "protest" with O&A signs and banners, repeatedly calling rival radio shows to mention O&A and drop O&A show references on the air to annoy the rival show's members, and even appearing at WWE Wrestling events and holding up signs with show references and slogans at ringside to be seen on live TV. The most recent targets of The Pests include Florida radio show The Philips Phile, which culminated in The Pests' purchase of ad time on a billboard not far from The Philips Phile studio to declare their victory and mock Philips Phile host Jim Philips. The Pests have also "attacked" former O&A friend Scott Ferrall, who began to bash O&A without provocation. The Pests invaded his weeklong "tryout" on XM's rival Sirius Satellite Radio, possibly costing him a permanent job with Sirius.
"They completely took over Scott Ferrall's radio show with call after call mentioning O&A. They're such pests!"
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Por Martini Steve 20 de febrero de 2006
Person Eating Smelly Takeaway (usually in seat next to you on train/bus etc)
journey from hell: the whole carriage is empty and the greasy slurping PEST wedges in next to me !!
#pfh passenger from hell #jfh journey from hell #tacky taco #kfc #takeout #takeaway from me #crappy meal #etc
Por Mrsmalaprop 17 de septiembre de 2013
A standard girl at Bournemouth university who loves her house music and goes by the name of katie.. she will find you on tinder and start the PESTING, the art of Flirting with an obvious attempt to get you into her lair so that she can do unsightly things to you. Normally she will do this for free but sometimes you will end up paying for it with mental and physical scars. Be aware of the PEST beast as this will be heading your way if you LIKE her on tinder, you have been warned.
#tinder #pest #pesting #bournemouth #university
Por PromoBarry 29 de enero de 2014
a person who quite simply can be defined as a plagueing cunt! someone who never leaves you alone E.g. facebook messages, spamming your instagram etc. usually an ugly bastard of a yoke who thinks shes unreal!
that Rebecca wan is a pure pest!
#pest #plague #people #cunt #bitch #rebecca #hateful #facebook #instgram
Por yeah soonnnn!! 30 de enero de 2015
1. a sex pest
2. some one who pests for sex

I.E Shivoun
Shivoun: i want sexxxxxxxxxx
Dave: stop being a pest!
#sex #pest #shivoun #shag #pesting
Por leggettecp 06 de diciembre de 2010
Post-Election Selection Trauma or PEST for short, is a made up disorder for pompus, self-centered, elitist individuals that can't fathom the fact that they lost an election. It is mainly experienced by liberals and French lovers alike, and was first diagnosed after the 2004 Presidential Election. It's symptoms include but are not limited to: feelings of withdrawal, feelings of isolation, emotional anger and bitterness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, nightmares, pervasive moodiness including endless sulking, and being excessively worried about the direction of the country.

In otherwords, the diagnosis is "You're a Sore Loser, get over it."
Hippie: "Bob stopped showing up to our drum circle meetings and couldn't eat his organic humus anymore. He's having intense hypno-therapy sessions and electroshock therapy now. His therapist said he is suffering from PEST, Post-Election Selection Trauma."

Normal Person: "What a pussy."
#post-election selection trauma #emo kid #pussy #asshat #bleeding heart liberal.
Por Throbbin PNess 26 de mayo de 2008
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