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The feeling of general depletion and emptiness in the few days after a presidential election. Caused by the sudden withdrawal of any campaign coverage, sound bites, or pictures of babies being kissed. May be accompanied by aimless clicking on news websites looking for something to read.

*NOTE: This condition has been observed in people whether their chosen candidate won or not.
Wife, to her Doctor: "I'm worried about my husband. Ever since the 4th, he's just been sitting at home wandering the New York Times and CNN for hours on end."

Doctor: "I wouldn't worry about it. He probably just has an acute case of PEWS. He should be back on his feet by the end of the week."
Por Slunky1 06 de noviembre de 2008
The action sound for punching, shooting a gun... etc.
Like when you were a kid and you made gun noises... pew pew pew
Por Alex 15 de mayo de 2003
Psycho Ex Wife-
That guy has one PEW and I feel sorry for him.
Por ImOver 12 de agosto de 2011
The sound laser guns make. Also, the sound that small, whimpy guns make.
Moar pew pew, less Q.Q!
Por Keil Alikzandr 24 de enero de 2008
pew! is the word for the sound of futuristic guns, because they actually go like "piiuu".
for example laserguns are doing the "pew!" if you fire them
Por ahand 12 de septiembre de 2006
A bar stool, or a seat at a table in a bar or beer hall.

Ironic use of "pew," a church bench.
I'll go get the beer, you go find us a pew.
Por Tuna Wanda 21 de mayo de 2005
a sound that people make when using a laser
Por kwtfineedanameandicantfindone 03 de diciembre de 2008