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1. A lie.
This expression is commonly used in Australia to express disbelief.
"Pig's arse you've got a date with Paris Hilton".
#bullshit #bullshit artist #b.s. #raw prawn #porky
Por Tears Forum Admin 08 de febrero de 2006
A phrase used to voice disagreement with anothers assertion or action.
One might say to someone trying to push into a queue, "Pig's arse, back of the line!"
#bullshit #no way #i disagree #that's not right #fuck off
Por David_L 27 de agosto de 2006
An Australian way of saying "yeah right"
Minister: "Prime Minister, apparently George Bush has an IQ of 160."
Prime Minister:"Pigs arse!"
#yeah right #so what #rats ass #pffft #george bush
Por murphoman 24 de mayo de 2010
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