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Someone who is asked to attend an event at the last minute, replacing an original participant that dropped out at the last minute.
Me: Cheryl, would you like to go to the opera tonight? Debbie couldn't make it.
Cheryl: Oh, so I'm your pinch hitter? Sure, I'll go.
Por Michael Grant 17 de mayo de 2008
When a guy/girl cannot fuck the person s/he REALLY wants to fuck that night, they call in a pinch hitter.
"Bob was my pinch hitter last night because Adam wasn't answering his phone"
Por Miss_lawn 18 de abril de 2009
When your dominate masturbating hand is out of commission for some reason, you utilize your opposite hand to take care of business.
Fuck, how am I suppose to jack off with this cast on my hand. Guess ill have to bring in my pinch hitter.
Por double AyeD 27 de julio de 2010
Someone you have sex on the same night as had failed plans to have with another person.
Man, I was pissed when Tina said she couldn't go out tonight. Luckily I was able to talk Mary into being a Pinch Hitter.
Por Bayushi_Koso 10 de septiembre de 2011
A pinch hitter is someone who hits people while they're pinching one off.
Pete was quietly pinching a loaf when a wiffle bat came over the divider and hit him in the back of the head.

It was Ignacio the infamous pinch hitter, whose maniacal laughter echoed around the washroom as he ran away.
Por scodder 22 de mayo de 2010
Someone who bats above their average in relationships with the oposite sex.
Oh my god hes so ugly and old, but hes in a relationship with that hot, young woman. How is that possible?

Hes a pinch hitter!
Por Ol' Krissym 05 de marzo de 2010
1: <baseball> one that pinch-hits
2: <relationship> a penetration device (usually vibrates) used by the male on the female when Viagra just can't quite get the job done.
"Their only chance of hitting a homerun is to bring in their pinch-hitter."

"His only chance of hitting a homerun is to bring in his pinch-hitter."
Por Kyle 16 de enero de 2004