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Awesome Porn site, much like that of Redtube, but 1000x better.
Redtube? pfft.
Pornhub, bitch!
Por Jon Wuh 23 de julio de 2008
1991 405
Greatest porn site ever.
I was on porn hub the other day and boy is my arm tired.
Por yeah...well... 29 de enero de 2009
485 113
the best porn on pornhub site ever
yo man did you see that new porn on pornhub??

no man I'm only faithful to this porn
Por simon111 05 de julio de 2010
654 367
Website I go on when my parents aren't there
I'm addicted to pornhub
Por Cunt559 05 de enero de 2013
413 138
A site for porn where you get 5 free videos a day
On pornhub I found lesbian videos
Por Welchdude 05 de enero de 2014
50 26
if you need to look this up, your gay and you should die.
guy 1- im going home to go on pornhub

guy 2- what the hell is pornhub?

guy 1- go die you gay fag
Por smpeeanrcser 11 de agosto de 2011
300 659