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A dog either rescued from or residing in an animal shelter (the pound).
we got Faith from the animal shelter- she's a pound puppy!
#pound dog #rescue #stray dog #pound #shelter
Por lbdon59 06 de mayo de 2010
The child of a law enforcement official, namely a cop.
Officer Dukatzi left work early to pick up donuts for his Pound Puppy.
#pound #puppy #cops #pigs #police
Por Kludwig 10 de julio de 2011
The act of engaging a woman with loose and hanging vulva in coitus.
I was looking for Ms. Right but I found a pound puppy instead.
#coyote morning #fucking #flapping in the wind #slipping it in the mule #burying it loose.
Por amra 09 de julio de 2006
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