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A Quebec (or French-Canadian) staple, a dish of homemade french fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds and beef gravy (wannabes and some americans have been known to serve this dish with any cheese and turkey gravy). Generally served in a styrofoam container or carton.
Man, I ate so much poutine my heart hurts!
Por Discofunk 29 de marzo de 2005
Mix of French Fries, Cheddar Cheese, and Brown Gravy. Do not use Hot Chicken Sauce.

It's sort of a war between Drummondville and Victoriaville (small cities of Québec province) to decide who invented it first.

There's some other kind of poutine:
- Regular Poutine - heh
- Italian Poutine - Bolognese Sauce instead of Brown Gravy
- Spicy Poutine - A bit of Tabasco in the Gravy
- Galvaude - Add chunks of chicken and green peas
- Dulton - Add Ground Beef, sometime sausages.

Great hangover remedie, if you can eat it all!
The nicest Poutine is Ashton's one.

"Après veiller, on va se taper une poutine chez ashton, histoire de noyer l'alcool."
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Por Ben Vaillancourt 17 de marzo de 2006
One of the un-missable features of Quebec is poutine. This wonderful meal is basically made of fries, cheese, and gravy. The perfect poutine is one that contains fresh cheese with hot sauce that can melt it, and crispy fries. It would also be nice to have some bacon too. There are many variants of poutine, including but not limited to :

"Italian" poutine : Gravy is replaced by spaggetthi sauce
BBQ poutine : Normal gravy is replaced by BBQ gravy
"All dressed" poutine : It may contain bacon, onions, pepperoni and other ingredients.
I ate a poutine yesterday, I hope I won't suffer an heart-attack.
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Por atomicSpatule 22 de marzo de 2006
A dish originating in canada, which is possibly the only thing they have that will kill you
"I heard Jack was in the hospital"
"yeah, he had poutine for the first time night before last, and had a near fatal heart attack"
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Por theanongame 25 de febrero de 2010
A term which origins can be found in French Canada (specifically Quebec). The original meaning is fries smothered with cheese curds and gravy. We in Ontario, Canada have re-apprehended this French Canadian word, to be a spin on "pussy," which is also slang for a vagina. So taste that!
He is thirsty for my Poutine! He can come and get it, anytime!
#vagina #pussy #sex #gravy #clit
Por Amazon Goddess. 13 de junio de 2012
Pronunciation: Peut-zhyn (never P00-teen -that would be the poor excuse for real Poutine, often served in Ontario)

A meal originating in the Eastern Townships of Quebec in the mid 20th century. Poutine tastes best when made from hand-cut potato fries, fresh Quebec curd cheese, and barbeque gravy.

Poutine can also be served in other ways:
Italienne: with tomato sauce rather than gravy
Galvaude: by adding green peas and chicken to the regular poutine
And many other variations.
I went to the fromagerie (cheese factory) for lunch and had a great poutine. The cheese was so fresh that it squeaked!
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Por Fizzie 06 de abril de 2006
(Sexual favor) Poutine is the act of eating french fries out of your significant other's asshole, named after the popular French Canadian dish of potato fries in gravy and curds.
Andrew's been begging Emily for poutine all week, but she keeps saying no.
#poutine #asseating #assplay #buttplay #french fries in asshole
Por DerpyDoo 12 de agosto de 2013
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