The word used by the upper class to describe the lower classes. The characteristics of a pov include scabby clothes and are normally linked or are in poverty.
That girl is a pov she goes to state school.
#poverty #poor #pleb #lower #class
Por poshdan 20 de diciembre de 2013
prostitute on video
XXX This middle aged pervert goes to Thailand and pays to film prostitute's on video: POV
#pov #p.o.v. #(pov) #p0v #hnic
Por Abg4me 13 de julio de 2013
a thieving fucker who takes everything and anything whether or not is of value. The art of poving or to pov to those who indulge in a little five finger discountery
oi, you pov stop nicking my fucking lighter
#pov #poving #to pov #thieving #fuck
Por abattoir69 09 de junio de 2011
polish village
polish ghetto
any shitty neighborhood that wasn't fucked up when you was a kid.
str8 out da po'v
Por da john 10 de septiembre de 2003
literal - Pass Out Victim, Someone who passes out due to intoxication of any kind, normally alcohol.
"Andrew is now a P.O.V. on the floor."
#pov #hammered #fubar #drunk #an inebriated person
Por the_doc 06 de octubre de 2006
Police on video
A truTV cop show called POV.
#no #synonyms #available #for #this.
Por socksey 04 de septiembre de 2011
"POV" is the acronym for Power Operated Vehicle.

A "POV" is a 3 or 4 wheel electric handicapped scooter.
The patient decided to buy a "POV" instead of a Power WheelChair for various reasons.

The Disabled person was using a shopping "POV" in the store.
#pov #disability #disabled #handicapped #disabled person #person with disabilities
Por Legit-PWD 03 de febrero de 2011
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