zayn malik
"What's the definition of pretty?"

"Zayn Malik."
Por The Somewhat Truth Speaker 20 de diciembre de 2013
essentially the equivalent to a woman's period.
used to describe when a guy is in a mass stress for no apparant reason.
BOY: argh! fuck's sake! my shoelace is undone!!
GIRL TO HER FRIEND: he's on his pretties.
Por Amylase II 10 de junio de 2008
really good looking and perfect, like tammy s.
tammy is so pretty and perfect" "iknow
Por iissocool 10 de octubre de 2010
a disturbing but appropriate song by korn. on the follow the leader album. the meaning of the song is that jonathon davis once saw a disformed person going into a morgue.
guy: i love follow the leader

korn lover: so do i. but my mom wont let me listen to pretty because its very disturbing

guy: ouch. i love that song
Por theyurireviewer 05 de octubre de 2010
I'm so pretty!!
Por PrettyLittleLiar6470 20 de agosto de 2011
That is really tight
I'm so sexy and pretty
Por NicoleK 04 de febrero de 2010
A girl that is sexually attractive.
A girl that is hot
A girl that has a nice face, body, etc.
Briana Banks is so young and sweet and pretty
Por John Doe 21 de enero de 2004

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