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a state of having a hyperextended dick, normally caused after a night of rough sex with a human or animal.
Frank : "Man i got fuckin pulled pork after last nights gangster party"
#dick stretch #dick pain #crooked pecker #maple syrup #roush trucks
Por Max Dickin 14 de abril de 2008
Act of jerking off or hand job
Horny Man: Hey baby how about you hook me up with some of that ass?

Girl with Headache: Not tonight. I have a headache.

Horny Man: How about you just give me some Pulled Pork?
#jerk off #tug job #masturbate #hand job #sex
Por rrr8rrr 20 de julio de 2010
This happens to a vagina when it is frequetly touched by the penial of many different men. It usually dangles and/or blows in the wind.
Man after Kate had sex with her 58th partner her vagina looked like pulled pork.
#kate #meat #pork #pulled #stringy
Por thank god for paternity tests. 29 de abril de 2010
The act a women pulling of a guys dick with her mouth
He got pulled porked
Por Smokey 363637 24 de abril de 2016
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