Top Definition
really fast or rapidly
When the dog broke loose B ran quick fast to avoid from getting bit.
Por Neq 03 de junio de 2005
1.In a hurry, the combination of " hold on real quick" and "hold up real fast"

2. used to describe something really quick
"Ey, hold up quickfast!"

"lemme see your phone quickfast"
#quick #fast #hurry #for a second #immediate
Por Anthony Ferrer 10 de agosto de 2008
Extremely quickly; with fast speed.
I'm going to make a sandwich quickfast.
Por CoshSA 29 de mayo de 2005
your not being fast or quick your being quick fast faster than fast slower than quick
imma be quick fast you want even know i left
#quick #fast #slow #speed #slowness
Por matthew acosta 31 de diciembre de 2007
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