Top Definition
To be of high quality
<Shaz> geezer you are rated <Mo> I know
Por geezer 26 de octubre de 2003
A word used by douchebags to describe something good.
Person 1: "Such a rated tune!!!" (random drum sounds)
Person 2: "Fuck off."
Por Rated Lad 19 de agosto de 2013
The most annoying person alive. She is just completely weird and offensive
But we all love her... and her insults
Person: Err Rat'ed what the chuff are you doing?
Rat'ed: Jesus man, you're such a Hobo
Por HoboOhio 27 de mayo de 2009
An EMSer.

Rated is -blank-.
She's... he's.... what is Rated?

Por Duhr. 18 de febrero de 2005
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