An expression of lack of concern.
" I don't give a rats ass what you say, I'm goin' fishing!"
Por J E Walker 28 de abril de 2003
In U.S. Marine jargon, a comparative indicating that something is worthless. In more polite company, see hill of beans.
This equipment isn't worth a rat's ass.

So? I don't give a rat's ass.
Por Secret Agent Man 19 de septiembre de 2003
Another way of saying how much you dont care...
I can give a rats ass what u eat!
Por Jasmine 05 de agosto de 2004
its a lack of caring
i don't give a rats ass about the customers at walmart
Por Dairy Queen 30 de julio de 2005
Its baseicly i dont give a shit.
I dont give a rat's ass bout u fool.
Por cartman5000 07 de agosto de 2004
not something of great value.
I don't give a ratsass what you think!
Por Bob L 03 de julio de 2003
Rat's ass is a Chinese delicacy.
Zao: Can I have some gravy?
Peng: Certainly.
Peng: Could you pass the rat's ass please...
Chung: There you go.
Por lexicon 18 de diciembre de 2004

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