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Slow ass 4-cylinder car with a slew of cheap mods. These can include a "coffee-can" exhaust, performance parts stickers, rims, tinted windows, and the always necessary unpainted wing. There are rare versions that are actually respectable, but most are downright laughable.
Some honda pulled up to me with a tach-light for shifting and started revving. I managed to crush him two times in a row with 4 people in my truck, a full tank of gas, and studded snow tires. That's what 5.7 liters and 330 pounds of torque does.
Por Jason 08 de diciembre de 2003
67 42
A vehicle driven that is generally not meant to go fast, yet has the apperance of being a race-like car. A driver of a rice-rocket is a rice boy.
Why do people do up fucking Honda Civics and make them "look" sporty when they are girls cars. I hate those crappy "rice rockets".
Por Champ 25 de febrero de 2002
64 45
An imported car (usually Honda Civic or Acura Integra) that is "riced up" or souped up, mainly in physical appearance. These cars usually do not go very fast but have the appearance of a race car. Stickers for NOS, stereo companies, and the word "TYPE R" are common on these cars even if they do not contain anything by those companies in the car. Teenagers usually drive these cars and are said to be "rice boys."
Look at that rice rocket parked over there. It's bright green and has a NOS sticker on it but I don't see any NOS canisters in there.
Por Gotekix 26 de abril de 2003
26 10
dozens and dozens of stickers (AEM, STREETGLOW, NOS) in weird ass places (gas tank, wing, license plate, middle of windshield)+a wing big enough to give you an enormous amount of downforce to practically lift ur front tires+green rims+9999k hids+white emblems(glow in the dark)+exhaust sticking out so far its bigger than a black mans dick+copy of fast and the furious part 1 and 2 in ur car=what is that red button on ur steering wheel...OMFG...HELL NO...IS THAT....NOSSSSS
the kid next door, that thinks NOS is the best thing in the world
Por Barry 01 de marzo de 2005
31 19
derogatory term for a very fast, usually modified, import car or motorcyle.
Por dave cole 14 de abril de 2005
14 3
A poor excuse for a modified Japanese car.
The term Rice Rocket is implied to all amateur modders.
Those rice rockets are all show & no go...
Por Monce 22 de mayo de 2005
19 12