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The simgular name given to a person who is both into rock music and lives in London.
Person 1: cool piercings and black clothes, are you a goth?

Person 2: No, I'm a rockon
Por Fran T 09 de junio de 2005
A person who lives in London and likes rock music. Rockdons prefer dating fellow Rockdons and generaly like piercings, tatoos, gigs, wild hair, moshing and such.
Person 1: Hi fran are you a goth?

Person 2: No I am a Rockdon
Por Francesca T 06 de junio de 2005
A Person who has some big tits
Damn that girl got some rock dons!
Por J Holb 28 de febrero de 2008
A term used to describe a person who both enjoys rock music and the emo-type lifestyle and is a redident of London, UK.
First person: I'm going to London on holiday
Second Person: Why?
First Person: Because of all the cool Rockdons. duh.
Por Curt The Flirt from myspace 02 de agosto de 2005