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Interjection connoting anal success
"Jenny and I went home with a tube of Astroglide and Rumph Rumph Rumph!!
Por Big Daddy Drew 20 de septiembre de 2006
A situation in which your plans flop; dont go as planned
Girl: Yo we be missioning tonight?
Boy: Naw, i got arrested, i have curfew
Girl: Shit, this is a rumph
Por madmeat 10 de agosto de 2008
a racist word for an black asian jewish person
rodney was the biggest rumph in the whole world
Por kankels 22 de septiembre de 2009
To consume a large portion of food or meal...

Do you want to go rumph?
How was the rumph last night (in this case it would be a meal)
Por Nick Dove 11 de diciembre de 2007
Worthless, wastrel, under achiever
Do not employ this person, he is a Rumphy son of a bitch!
Por The Elder 23 de noviembre de 2004
Inactivity, lethargy or laziness
"Are you doing anything today?"
"No, I'm just Rumphing/having a bit of a Rumph"

"The cold and the rain made it a slow and Rumphy day"
Por Molehill 03 de noviembre de 2004