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Past tense of what a pizza gets
Then I SAUCED the pie with that green pesto sauce instead of the red sauce.
Por Joey Agogo 30 de septiembre de 2009
38 34
dude i totally sauced you in basketball today!
Por chya mon sham on 10 de enero de 2009
31 29
Drunk but not just limited to drinking. A UNIVERSAL word for whatever it is that has you that torn up or feeling good and/or passed out somewhere!
As soon as I saw those lights at after-hours I was super Sauced!

She passed out on the bathroom floor naked! SAUCED!

Man that purple had me Sauced!

Ya I was faded earlier but now I'm fucking Sauced!
Por Joey Mance 03 de enero de 2012
3 3
to be extremley drunk or wasted with alcoholic beverages.
Victor:"Andy u were sauced lastnight nigga!!!
Andy:yeah man i was sauced.
Por Mad Chemist 10 de julio de 2008
29 29
To be hit with a most inconvenient misfortune.
At the restaurant the other day, my food fell into my crotch, staining my jeans. I got sauced.
Por Samuel Champlain 02 de octubre de 2011
0 1
for someone to cum on you
When i came i sauced all over that bitch
Por Saucy1 15 de junio de 2011
1 2
To be so inebriated you loose all your noodles and are full of way to much sauce (alcohol)
Anne: "omg Tom is not making any sense, he has had way to much to drink tonight"

Billy: "Yeah he is fully sauced"
Por jleee 24 de enero de 2011
4 5