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To leave lasting signs of damage on. A mark of past injury.
A abusive childhood left his psyche scarred for life.
Por OneBadAsp 03 de noviembre de 2006
72 12
What you are when your chubby friend is laying on the floor and all of a sudden flashes you.
V: -laughing on floor and flashes shirt up quickly-

K: OMG. -scarred for LIFE-
Por Kalcutta 29 de mayo de 2005
40 25
amazing show on MTV that shows people getting hurt in horrible ways, usually skateboarding.
joe-did you see scarred last night? a guys balls got chopped off while he has skateboarding.
Por holly the ginger kid. 15 de junio de 2007
33 21
To be drunk or inebriated to the point of passing out, throwing up or completely out of control.
" Last night I took four forty's to the head and I was scarred as hell, I'm talking about about scummy as a bitch!"
Por charri11 03 de noviembre de 2009
1 8
Southern slang for "screwed." Used when something bad happens that's irreversible...
Matt: Who drunk the soda in the frige?
Tony: Fred.
Matt: That was mine...
Tony: Scarred!
Por Killa Cley 27 de mayo de 2006
10 20
To be completely stoned from the effects of marijuana.
Fam, I was so fucking scarred last night from that 'L' we smoked last night
Por Matthew Whitaker 14 de mayo de 2005
4 22