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A person with the moral fiber of a gnat, and all the class of a sweaty armpit.
Juan keeps hitting on that scumbucket, Lisa. She'll cave.
Por OldGuy 30 de abril de 2007
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A person who lacks integrity; one of low moral fiber; someone having questionable character.
Jesse Jackson is a scum bucket.
Por Double Crib 08 de junio de 2006
A car salesman
"You are getting this 6 cylinder vehicle for the price of a 4 cylinder!"

Then you buy the car and drive it home just to have one of your friends tell you that you ARE driving a 4 cylinder car...

Errr, you scum bucket you!!
Por vickyteeoria 08 de septiembre de 2010
manure barrell - noun
shovel the shit into the scumbucket
Por colm buckley 07 de noviembre de 2003
Someone who holds a lot a scumword
You is a major scumbucket
Por Dave 08 de julio de 2003

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