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One who is extremely gifted in the art of performing sexual favors
"I've heard about Kiel Hockett, apparently he's a sexual dynamo!"
Por ErinnM 24 de mayo de 2006
68 47
One who is extremely talented in the boudoir. A giver of exquisite sexual pleasure.
I want to go bone that attractive Asian caterer, I hear he is a sexual dynamo.
Por limericks 26 de febrero de 2013
5 1
Amazing in the bedroom (Sexual realm), each time she has sex with the same person it gets better and better, never reaching a plateau but forever continuing to climb.
This Girl Megan from NAU total Sexual Dynamo, im converting her to a Sun Devil, I need her down here right away.
Por LoRy 30 de abril de 2012
4 2