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To have sex with.
John:Wanna shag tinight?
Por ......... 27 de diciembre de 2003
31 19
to have sex, or get your fuck on, to score, get some, hit it, tap it, do it
lets shag baby
Por tweek 19 de diciembre de 1999
24 13
A British slang term for sexual intercourse. Used by people who think the term "making love" is too innocent and "fuck" is too coarse.
I know she was my school teacher, but I still wanted to shag her.
Por DCI Gene Genie Hunt 12 de marzo de 2011
12 2
English word for sexual intercourse
"Blimey, mate I feel randy, I want to Shag her"
Por Hooder Hooderman 08 de mayo de 2009
25 15
A kid who regularly gets rammed in the ass by a drillpress, usually in a techroom while informing his female mate that the quality of her belt is currently sufficient, but if it were to be removed he would appriciate it and probably bust a huge nut. "Shags" also enjoys article writing, buying Doreen a slush and hitting two homeruns out of murphy.
Hey Shags, I was just playing some chinese checkers and I was wondering if you would eat sushi off of my nuts. No?...alright, maybe later...shags
Por Svi Diddy 24 de enero de 2003
32 23
an old style of carpet very long carpet often seen in the 60's
that shag carpet fucking smells pretty bad
Por exstremeelvis.com 04 de diciembre de 2002
42 34
A word made up by the FP crew team that means "YOU WOULDA THOUGHT". When saying "Shags" you must make the shags gesture, which is when you swipe your index finger under your nose.
Por IT2346 22 de mayo de 2014
6 1