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A very bad meal. . . see shit and crap and George W. Bush.
Any bad meal. . .
Por Shit on a stick 05 de mayo de 2003
5 20
no idea.
"im as bored as shit on a stick"
Por cassie and tammy :D 04 de mayo de 2003
10 25
Literal: When some takes a stick, shoves it up the ass, and shits while the stick is still up their ass.
Fred: Ooh! look at that stick. Who wants shit on a stick?
Wyatt: Oh! I do.
Fred: Okay! look away....
Minutes later...
Fred: Here you go!
Wyatt: Aww gross! It tastes and smelles like shit!
Fred: NO SHIT!
Por macitup 25 de febrero de 2007
17 33
When a man gets shit on his penis, the penis being the stick ... "Shit on a stick"
When a man puts his penis into someone's anus, and comes out with shit on it you get "Shit on a stick"

"Oh man, you got shit on a stick"
Por freeman_david 09 de enero de 2006
22 38
The most persuasive weapon ever created by anything ever, used to question Saddam Husan.
No one wants shit on their face.
Por Triple J 04 de mayo de 2005
9 25
Shit on a stick, being a talking point. Why would shit be on a stick. If you feel like shit on a stick, you feel like people are talking about you... "how did shit get there, why is it there, thats gross etc etc"
"I was at this yuppie party, god i felt like shit on a stick."
Por Jules 08 de diciembre de 2004
6 22
A delightfull treat sold for "10 cents a lick"
"shit on a stick ten cents a lick"
Por Jeff Currie 14 de noviembre de 2003
11 31