square of soft paper used to remove feces from one's anus.
The men's restroom did not have enough shit tickets to clean my ass!.
Por dronp 30 de octubre de 2010
The common house hold tolite paper
I need to buy more shit tickets
Por Napleo 09 de junio de 2009
A term used when you run out of toilet paper or, halfway through a shit realize that there is none there.
DAMMIT!!! I'm out of SHIT TICKETS again!
Por Slashedace 04 de abril de 2011
Another name for toilet paper
Hey Derek were out of shit tickets can you grab me some?
Por jonhboy 02 de agosto de 2014
(n.) a single section of bathroom tissue.
"That guy keeps pissing on the floor in our bathroom and leaving his shit tickets in our trash can. Who the fuck does that; takes a shit and throws their disgusting shit tickets in the trash after? That's pretty fucked up."
Por Department of Behavioral Hell 23 de agosto de 2015
Another word for Toilet Paper. Also known as "Asswipe" (pronounced As-weep-eh)
Mark (from inside the bathroom): HONEY! GET ME MORE SHIT TICKETS!
Por Shabangshwa95<3 13 de febrero de 2009
Anything that is good in a homeless man's imagination
Shit ticket
Por Greg stegs 02 de febrero de 2010
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