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A stupid way of saying "should have".
Person: I totally should of bought the bike, duuuuude.
Por Blizzleair 21 de septiembre de 2003
551 81
What idiots say instead of should have. It makes most people want to stab the offender to death.
"I should have not said "should of", becuase after I did I got a screwdriver to the face."
Por Uller 22 de junio de 2005
452 54
Ignorant way of saying, texting, or posting on facebook the contraction of should have (should've). Especially pathetic when supposedly educated people use the phrase.
I should of paid attention in high school English class so my participles wouldn't be dangling.
Por dookeyboy 21 de noviembre de 2010
224 34
Misspelling of should've (should have)
He should of gotten a Dreamcast
Por Darxide 18 de agosto de 2003
188 62
Wrong writing and saying of 'should have'
Many people mishear 'should've' and hear 'should of' instead. Same procedure with 'must've' and 'could've'
I should of learnt some better English.
Por satrox 17 de octubre de 2012
38 5