pne of the nik names of jarv
oy slug come over here
Por jarv 23 de abril de 2005
a stream of snot shot from ones nose
I shot a slugger across the room.
Por John 10 de julio de 2004
1.A person who owns the hell out of noobie clans in call of duty
2The best player in call of duty
Omg i got fucked up by slugger
Por Some noob who got pwned by slugger 11 de agosto de 2004
That one guy we all know who seems to get all the ugly bitches. He also happens to have an abnormally large cock for his age.
Nick: wow look at that kid
Zack: ikr he is like the biggest slugger of all time
Joe: thanks guys
Por Thick nick 08 de octubre de 2014

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