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see: pussy

A Guy Ritchie film (husband of Madonna) that stars, among others, Brad Pitt and Benicio Del Toro, mostly about a large diamond and the havoc surrounding it.
1.Her snatch tasted horrible...

2. "Hey, Don't snatch" -Sol
Por jmgoese 15 de junio de 2005
48 42
see cunt

a womans vagina
girl: hey look at my snatch
girl2: no!!! you weirdo
Por :::::::::::::::NO!:::::::::::: 15 de noviembre de 2008
23 19
another term for vagina
why does my snatch burn when i pee?
Por emosexy101 28 de agosto de 2009
62 59


used infront of ho as in "snatch ho"
My snatch hurts!

You dumb snatch!

Snatch ho
Por muwah 13 de agosto de 2008
20 17
A pearl-wearing, self help book reading, Polo shirt sporting southern bell that despises poor people, carries her purse on her wrist, gags at the sight of a Salvation army, finds utopia at Banana Republic, and gives her time to children's charities to make up for her evils.
We shopped at Old Navy while the snatch waited at Starbucks...she wouldn't be caught dead at an Old Navy!
Por Nanna Gummy Bear 16 de noviembre de 2011
14 12
Sort of an inside-joke term for vagina.
Person 1: Hey, Can you slide me a bowl of snatch?

Person 2: You know snatch means vagina, right?
Por jacobwizzle 17 de marzo de 2010
7 5
Pussy: vagina
I'm loving all these snatches
Por KravinSnatches 26 de julio de 2009
8 6