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A type of massage in which one person will soap another person using his or her entire body instead of just the hands. It is very popular in the country of Thailand.
I went to Thailand last month and got three girls to give me a soapy massage.
Por Scramjet 11 de octubre de 2008
82 30
Sexually aroused
you know you got all soapy when you saw her
Por bisbee221 15 de marzo de 2014
4 0
To be high.
Me and Alex got super soapy last night after smoking 3 bowls.
Por Helladopetree 19 de febrero de 2014
4 2
Another term meaning "fresh", since 'fresh' is simply over-used.
Ah, dawg, check out Danielle, looking soapy! Damnnnn.
Por salty12 02 de agosto de 2011
28 36
brand new / clean look/ still relevant
on urban dictionary.com does everything slang word have too be funny or what?" "no it just has to be soapy.
Por docaonereosk 24 de octubre de 2010
15 27
An abbreviation for soapbar, ie plastic-ridden hash. Often looks like an oxo cube, giving rise to many ripped off little muppets smoking chicken-flavour joints.
gies a puff oan that soapy man
Por whizzkid 07 de septiembre de 2006
19 31
soap opera-esque. something that you would see on daytime TV or in a bad movie.
All that drama today was so soapy. It looked like freaking Days of Our Lives.
Por b_bop 10 de diciembre de 2007
16 32