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another word for Cigarette
" Hey bud, I'm just going outside to crush a Squid."
"brb, crushing a squid"

Also see: dart, sagrit, cigarette, Sheag
Por LongJohn69er 17 de septiembre de 2013
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squid or squidy is a term used to describe a person or thing which is being overly unpleasant or needlessly difficult
"stop being a squid" when used to ask a person to stop the current action as it bother sum

"can you believe how squidy that person was being when i asked them for directions"
Por omegashiva 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Squid. Cambridge Massachusetts term to describe a person with expert knowledge often in a esoteric or obscure subject. The term originated in Los Angels as a name for a show off and reckless motorcyclist but appeared to develop independently to mean a person whose vast knowledge may not be fully appreciated by the general public. The term is believed to have traveled to New England via graduate students from southern California. Squid (verb) to become absorbed in an activity. Squid out. Squidger the circular disk used to propel disks in the game of Twidlywinks.

You got to be serious trivia squid on get on Jeopardy
Por D. Square 30 de enero de 2007
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One whos confidence is higher than his motorcycle riding abilities, usually lacks riding protection such as a jacket or helmet, a good number of them are polish and or african American, squids are most commonly found on Suzuki gsxrs. They are also sometimes named Matt topor. If you do not wanna be a squid wear a helemt, ride a yamaha and don't flip a wheelie on ur gsxr
Mateusz topor.... Look him up on fb squid
Por yamaha rider 02 de noviembre de 2013
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A prison inmate that as been there for a long period of time but still doesn't know the whole jail system and is completely useless
Joe: "Look at Steve over there he's double dialing the prison phones"

Lucus: "Wow what a squid"
Por number87 14 de junio de 2012
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A new kid in a group, or generally someone new in an established group of people. Comes from Rocket Power on Nickelodeon.
Who's that new kid across the street?
Oh, he's just the new squid.
Por 90stelevision 06 de junio de 2012
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A man or boy that thinks there the best but are really arent. Or try to out drink everyone but cant and pass out before the rest. Thus being a squid trying to be the best.
Adam is such a squid because he passed out trying to out drink us.

Adam is the biggest squid cause he thinks hes awesome.
Por goneinaday 20 de marzo de 2012
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