"Subhuman"(german: untermenschen) is a term from Nazi racial ideology. Derived from 19th century racial theory, Nazi ideology held that the German nation, as Herrenvolk, had a right to rule over the world and that Germanic peoples were, as the master race (Herrenrasse), superior to other European peoples (such as Slavic peoples and Romanic peoples) and that all other peoples represented lesser races of varying degrees. Groups regarded as SUBHUMAN (Untermenschen) included inferior racial element (such as Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Altaic peoples or Africans) and asocial element (such as the mentally or physically disabled and homosexuals, but also criminals and prostitutes, beggars and tramps, leftists, liberals and political dissidents, Jehovah's Witnesses and so-called morally degenerates). Generally people who worked against the Third Reich or who were breaking its laws were regarded as Untermenschen. The term was borrowed from older 19th century sources.
SUBHUMAN is also a famous very politcal anarcho punk band (see also CRASS) in the 70s and 80s.
nazi: look at those subhumans i bet they're poles
Por BenjaminS 29 de enero de 2006
Probably one of the greatest anarcho punk bands ever. Their singer has one of the most distinct voices in punk. See Citizen Fish.
I'm not going to see the Subhumans at Wasted this year because I live in America.
Por Peter G 12 de junio de 2004
1) Any individual worthless enough to deceive and/or force a human into subsidizing pleasure and/or prosperity for them.

2) Any individual who defecates on any other human's prosperity.

3) Any individual who forces the regression of human social evolution.
A rapist is a subhuman, because they are too worthless to get any legitimately.

The Bush administration (and others like it) are subhumans, because they deceive the people of the USA into subsidizing their personal fantasies.

The Bush administration are also subhumans for "defecating" all over the American Constitution.

Por dsffd 28 de noviembre de 2007
An individual that is so useless, so stupid, and so heinous that they are below the human race.
Man that fucker coach d is sub-human!
Por douchetwat 27 de abril de 2004
A pathetic individual that posts on internet racing forums to defend(er) the irl but is so ignorant and vile that even people with similar views are repulsed and distance themselves from from his stupid ass.
When you read John's posts you immediately realize that he is a twisted sub-human twat.
Por IBonedFTG'sMom 05 de enero de 2009
You got your regular human beings. Some may annoy you and you're indifferent about most. As long as they have morals that they believe in enough to behave as a safe member of society, they're human and you don't really notice them.

Then you got the pedophiles, rapists, religious extremists and other cult leaders, hate-criminals, war lords, cannibals, the people who ruthlessly destroy lives for greed or fame, and the people who kill innocents just because free will permits them to and sometimes Internet Whores.

Things that are so repulsive in nature that they aren't human, but they look like one and only behave as one in the most basic ways needed to survive (eating, sleeping, etc.). They are below the human status, most likely even below the animal kingdom.

You notice these things because they do stuff that provoke the deepest black and red-colored emotions in you as long as you know that they are alive.

The main thing to keep in mind is that at end of the day with regular humans, in all seriousness, you don't want to really kill the people who just get on your nerves or wish them the most miserable death imaginable that last ten thousand years. A subhuman is someone if you were to see them getting murdered in the worse way in an alley, you would act like you didn't see anything. Or even more, you might join in.

If they're already dead. you'd party like it's 1999 on their grave mostly because you're disgusted that they were even graced with grave.
Pablo Escobar, Jeffery Dahmner, Griselda Blanco, Joseph Kony, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hilter and the Nazi Party, Muammar Gaddafi, Roman Emperor Nero, Jim Jones, John Wayne Gacy, pretty much anyone who's been featured on pysih.com , and many more...they are all subhuman
Por maddywoo 19 de marzo de 2013
Severely underrated Anarcho-Punk band formed in the UK in the 1980s. Their singer, Dick Lucas, had a voice similar to Steve Ignorant from Crass. He wrote extremely intelligent, politically charged lyrics, and as a result are sometimes referred to as the DK of the United Kingdom. Bruce was one of the better guitarists in all of punk, and their second bassist, Phil, was amazing. On later albums, they experimented with prog and ska.
"No, I don't believe in Jesus Christ; my mother died of cancer when I was five. No, I don't believe in religion; I was forced to go to church, I wasn't told why. No, I don't believe in the police when police brutality isn't a dream. No, I don't believe in the system, cause nothing it does makes sense to me."
--Subhumans, "No"
Por DJ Fuckhead 10 de mayo de 2012

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