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How you pressent youself to the world.
I got that Hollywood Swagga.
Por ANGiE FUCKiN BABY ` 03 de noviembre de 2006
one's own unique style or personality that sets them apart from anyone else.
girl: why you datin' this dude? he don't even look that good.
girl 2: i don't know what it is... it's just his swagga
Por Tony Malachi 07 de diciembre de 2007
The things that define a person's character
how someone goes about things
-way someone sounds when they talk
-what they say when they say it
-Style of their movement
-the lasting impression you have of that person

Man grabs beautiful chicks hand gently when passing by her in a crowded train station, and then he says "I'm sorry I thought you was someone else" and then he breezes off. Of course hoping to see her again and start up a convo but he ain't gonna scare her a way like most fools by coming on too strong at first (unless you got that type of swag going on)... He'd rather her think about him and hope her mind builds curiosity. I call that Psychological swagga ....
Por Sneez 05 de marzo de 2008
The way you you carry yourself, not necessarily having to be with clothes but with the way your attitude is set towards others.
The football player had nice swagga when he won the Superbowl.
Por Lpeseed 25 de junio de 2009
The way a person is seen or how a person carries his/herself around or in the presents of others
Did you see that guy? He got a nice swagga.
Por ANyiZZLE! 15 de abril de 2009
your personalilty, your popularity.
girl 1: yo georgina was poping mad shit about you
girl 2: yo fuck that bitch she stay hatin on my swagga
Por ch3rry 08 de diciembre de 2009
the two coolest pimps who can only be described as "money". you mess with swaggas, you get swaggas.
Person 1: Woah, did you see Molly and Emily?

Person 2:Swaggas!

Molly and Emily: We are swaggas
Por Molly and Emily 02 de enero de 2009